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Human resources

Project description

The HR manager is basically a web application that allows to save details about employees, contracts, career evolution in the company,… and to compare these data with a budget.


persona HR assistant


HR assistant

30 years

Sophie has been working in HR department for 5 years.

Her role is to add and update employee information (contracts, career history,…) and communicate these changes to her hierarchy.

Sophie usually uses excel files to keep track of every changes but this situation doesn’t allow her to easily find a change for a specific employee or to list all changes for a period of dates.

Sophie needs a product that offers the opportunity to add any type of change to a contract and an overview to retrieve all changes so that she can report them to her hierarchy.


persona HR director


HR director

50 years

Julia is the new director at the HR department. She has a lot of professional experience and is open-minded about new technologies.

She needs a solution to retrieve career history and compare the data with the company’s budget.


Global picture of the modules to be developed

Information architecture HR manager

In this example, we focus on the following module :

Data manager > Employees manager > Contracts and career history

Some companies allow employees to work simultaneously in 2 different departments.

Example : a part-time as a graphic designer in the marketing department and a part-time as a Web developer in the IT department

The contract section offers different options :

  • Add 1 or several contracts
  • Add details concerning the contract : service, role,…
  • Save an upcoming change in the employee's career history

Example : Add a new work regime if the employee moves from 3/5 to full-time

Use case : Save a new situation in an existing contract

In order to anticipate any type of situation involving an employee, the contract section has been divided as follows :

  • Service
  • Role and grade (employee, manager,…)
  • Duration of the contract (short term, long term, freelance,…)
  • Work regime (fulltime, 4/5, 3/5,…)

contract section with history details


hr manager low fidelity prototypes


From this screen, you can find all the changes made to the employees' contracts

HR manager calendar history changes