Functional analysis and UX design

I define the technical features and the ergonomics of your product using my experience in Web development and my design skills.



UX product design

I define the needs of your app by creating the flow and use cases using UX wireframes and prototypes as well as the architecture of your project.

Functional analysis

I write the details and technical specifications of your project to show a concrete vision of the features to be developed.

Mentoring design/dev

I teach basic principles of development to help designers to understand developers and thus create better solutions as a team.

  • Graduated in computer graphics with Web specialization
  • +10 years of experience in analysis and development of tailored Web apps
  • Certified Google UX designer
  • Experience in various projects, missions and technological environments (Web and mobile apps, Websites, digital platforms,...)
  • Bridge between design, IT and business
  • Ability to listen and observe


Need inspiration for your next product?
Here are a few project ideas that demonstrate the use of UX design in IT functional analysis.

Sport planner
Rental houses
Popup survey
HR Manager


I share with you technical tips and examples from the tech industry.
You can find my latest posts below.

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