Who is behind Svr-digital?

Sylvie Vrebos

Hi ! My name is Sylvie, founder of Svr-digital.

After more than 10 years of experience in Web design and development, I decided to help companies and individuals to simplify their work in the product digitalization.

During my career, I was able to collaborate on various projects across different types of sectors such as municipalities and federal government, retail, consumer protection, communication, ecology,...

Therefore, I grew in my profession by observing good practises but also technical constraints and issues that were sometimes linked to a lack of structure and communication.

It's from this period that I started to be interested in functional analysis and UX design product which offer a global view on each screen and a detailed flow of the future app before diving into the development phase.

Today, I offer my global skills by helping companies to improve and simplify their project structure and also by bringing my technical vision to designers who want to better collaborate with a development team.