5 good reasons to use agile methods

Posté le 03/12/2020 par Sylvie Vrebos

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1) reassuring customers

Today, in a world where the digitalization is growing up, people wants quick result and can't wait to play with their app.
That's why agile methods allow to divide the project's organization in several sprints and phases in order to show first the MVP (minimum viable product) and then, to keep continuously in touch with the customer by discussing around demos and by planning changes and bug fixing to do.

2) more flexible projects 

We don't need anymore to wait a complete and strict functional analysis before starting to write code, like we did in the waterfall process. 
Even if there's no stable backend behind the screen, the dev team can start more quickly and show a concrete result to stakeholders and customers.

3) collaborating in team

When we work in agile, we are together in the same boat! The members of the dev team will choose the best technical solution according to skills of each other. 
They will decide to refactor some part of the project, share troubles and could give a time estimation to execute a feature.
If you like to be a team player by helping other colleagues and giving constructives remarks, you are in the good place !

4) better communication and organization

Thanks to the dashboard of tickets, we can write details for every feature to do and assign them to a member. A ticket must contain the details of the requirements and a quick mockup to determine labels, the place of elements, the expected result,...
The most important is to make work easier for the dev team and so that they focus on the code and not to run around. 
The project manager can check the status of the tickets (in progress, pending, blocked, done,...) and filter additional requests from the customer.

5) better well-being in development

There is nothing more stressful for a developer to be disturbed in the middle of his coding especially if it's to change important parts of the scope.
If it's the case, we wait the next sprint to explain it before starting the working day. 
That's why, we organize morning meetings in order to centralize every discussion, let developers work in a calm atmosphere and also, avoid frustration in the long term.